Mindful Workshop

"The Mindful process is not one in which we necessarily arrive at a state of bliss, but rather, where we meet ourselves, just exactly as we are, perfect in our necessary imperfection."

"There is a thought, a recurrent fantasy perhaps, that the purpose of life is to achieve happiness...Who does not long to arrive some distant day at that sunlit meadow where, untroubled, where we may rest easy, abide awhile, and be happy?But nature, or fate, or the gods, have another thought which keeps interrupting the fantasy..." Hollis


No therapy or INTERVENTION can prevent unpleasant things from happening in our daily lives. The distress created is often a result of a reaction to what is happening and not by what is actually happening.

Research(*) has shown that a combination of meditation and cognitive therapy (MBCT) can help in relieving stress, anxiety and depression.
*University of Massachusetts Medical Center – National Institute of Clinical Excellence​

Responding instead of reacting to stress allows for the possibility of working more wisely with thoughts and feelings, as they emerge...

What is covered:

Part A:   The Psychology of Mindfulness Practice
            Mindfulness Practices to cope with stress
Part B:   The Mindful Approach to Thoughts and Feelings
            Resistance & Reaction: Cultivating Acceptance with Mindfulness Practice


Further Information:

Medical Aid Claimable depending on your medical aid scheme – Booking essential

The Programme runs over 2 half days or one full Saturday
Limited amount of Grants available on Application
Venue: Ballito
Depending on the number of participants, workshop times may be adjusted to suit the needs of the group.​


Comments from previous participants:

"Fantastic. Thought provoking.The course assisted me in reflecting on my thought patterns and was enlightening for the same reasons." (Hannelorez, 2009)

"Engaging, enlightening. I have opened my mind to new concepts which have helped me to let go of the old ideas and concepts I thought were true, but were not good for me." (Anonymous, 2010)


“The course showed me that Mindfulness is not some lofty ideal reserved for the perfect person in the perfect life, but about being real, and being me, and being OK with that!” (Anonymous, 2011)


"Thanks for a great course. The theory and practical exercises complimented each other. The content was relevant and practical. A safe and open space." (Schoultz, 2009)

Foundation Workshop

"The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away."  William Shakespheare

The Enneagram & Ego Psychology Foundation Workshop.

This Workshop provides insight into:

9 Different types of Personality.

The strategies, defences and Ego workings of each type.

An integration of Ego-Psychology & The Enneagram.

This workshop provides tools to understand:

Your 'self', your fears and your motivations.

Why family, colleagues and partners respond to similar situations in different ways.


It is the pre-requisite to:

The Wisdom of Children Workshop. (understanding your child's personality dynamic).

The Insights Projects "Pathways to Growth" Workshop.


Whether it's for confidence, discipline, emotional balance or relationships:

Growth begins with INSIGHT & ACTION.​

Pathways To Growth

Change the way you respond and the world changes too.

In this workshop, we apply the knowledge gained from the Foundation Workshop and take it a step further.

We explore the pathways to growth best suited to each personality type. Through interactive exercises, reflective processes and knowledge building you will be guided towards developing new, wiser ways of responding to familiar situations and people.

It is easier to experience the gifts of your type when you are self-aware and emotionally healthy. Often, because of habit, fear, anger or shame the Ego shows up and we try to prove ourselves by exploiting our gifts or using them to take control of people and situations.

Health Professionals

Expand your Toolset

Professional Growth: Now CPD Accredited

Lauren is passionate about contributing to the helping professions community by supporting and encouraging individuals and organizations to learn about important psychological principles that impact their patients’ mental health.

The CPD accredited modules include facilitation, teaching, narrative methods, self-report and experiential exercises. The added benefit is that, whilst not only learning how to understand your patients better, there is great opportunity for one’s own personal mastery and professional development and improving one’s own work as practitioners. The workshops are designed to contribute to the practitioner’s insight therefore improving professional integrity and usefulness.

Insight Projects facilitate workshops in KZN, Gauteng and The Cape.

Contact us if you would like to know more about CPD workshops. We are happy to explore possibilities in bringing them to you.


  • A unique learning opportunity

  • This psychology development programme is an intensive learning programme focused on supporting participants to deepen and develop their capacity to facilitate patients in wellness

  • A core curriculum and a clear conceptual and theoretical base form the foundation for this programme

  • To strengthen and deepen your work with patients and their psychology.

  • To deepen and develop your capacity to facilitate client-focused participatory processes.

  • To improve your ability to observe, listen and to support patients by having insight into the basis of their thought processes, defence mechanisms, fears and hidden motivations.


Experience is at the centre of the programme. As a participant you will experience real facilitation situations and learn from your own experience and that of others’ - receiving direct feedback with trainers and fellow participants.

Psychological dynamics are dynamic and manifest in real time! This training provides the unique opportunity to witness psychological personality dynamics beyond a purely technical level working with yourself and co-participants.  Personal development and reflection are core components of the programme. You are the instrument of your practice! This is an opportunity to work with personal development as well as with skills development.

This is experiential training which takes the participant on a self-development journey. It is highly recommended for everyone who works in the helping professions. Safety and connection, emotional self-regulation skills and understanding of self-protective and defensive responses in both oneself and the other are of great importance in every helping profession.

The course is open to everyone who is registered with the AHPCSA or is planning to register with the AHPCSA.

For Couples

Taking it to the next level.  Understanding and improving your relationship.

Understand your personality and that of your partner

Recognise each other's triggers and fears

Recognise the dynamic inherent in the interaction of your personality styles

Learn to build a foundation for great communication


For Parents

"Respond to your children according to what they need emotionally, rather than what you may need."  The Wisdom of Children Series.

In this workshop, we explore the personality types of children, both those you parent and the inner child within all of us.

We aim to provide you with the insight into your children's personality dynamics. We explore the fears and motivations of each childhood personality type.

At Insight Projects we believe that an important step towards being the best parent you can be is addressing your own healing and in this workshop we explore your inner child too.

Through interactive exercises, reflective processes and knowledge building we explore the best ways to protect the vulnerability of childhood whilst encouraging it's exuberance.

You will be guided towards developing new, wiser ways of responding to your children in a way best suited to their personality type rather than your personality type.

For Adolescents

Maturing in a strange new world.  Making being a teenager a little easier. 

Childhood, adolescence, and high school days are challenging times. It is in these years that people discover their uniqueness, develop coping strategies, and create a perception of themselves and their place in the world that they carry with them for the rest of their lives.

​This workshop helps teens in this vitally important period of their lives – it helps them recognise and start to become the best versions of themselves.

Lauren has 13 years of experience working with teens in her private practice. The workshop is run in an interactive way, encouraging thought and self-reflection, and promoting inspirational attitudes and actions.

Teens will emerge from their work with a deeper understanding of themselves and others. This kind of knowledge and awareness is the first step in creating a better world.

Help your teen to be the best version of him or herself through self-understanding, connection and personal growth.

For Teachers

Coping in the classroom.  Understand yourself, understand your students. 


Teachers will gain invaluable knowledge and insight through this workshop. They will leave better able to interpret their own personality types and how these affect the teaching environment. They will also be better equipped to understand their students’ personality types and to recognise where the possible states of stress lie.

We cover an understanding of personality and how it is formed in childhood so that staff may gain a deeper knowledge on how this presents in children and how best to respond to different personality types. Part of this is learning how to recognise and respond to emotional defensiveness and reactivities in children.

A half day or full day workshop adds awareness to what teachers do every day and has the bonus of boosting morale and connecting those that work together.



Understanding your team.  Increased knowledge means improved communication.


This workshop will help organisations develop a more humane and person-centered approach to the workplace. The great benefit of this is the attraction and retention of valuable employees, helping the organisation work towards peak productivity.

A key aspect to good communication is understanding both who is communicating and who is being communicated with. Understanding the personalities of both clients and employees, and how they differ, promotes good, clear, effective communication.

Recognising and embracing human diversity improves the effectiveness of communication exponentially.

The Enneagram is an extraordinary framework for understanding yourself, your associates and colleagues, and the “personality” of your team or organization as a whole.

The benefits of improved communication include:

  • Increased efficiency

  • Improved working relationships

  • Increased understanding in the workplace

  • Improved communication between colleagues

  • Increased ability and skills to avoid conflict


By exploring and learning about your personality type, and those of your colleagues, employees and clients, you can better allocate tasks and communicate, and thus get the best out of everyone.