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"Emotional dilemmas make us

pay attention!
The task is not to judge or banish difficult feelings,

but to use them as a guide toward positive action in our lives."

Lauren Calder









Lauren Calder & Associates     

Individual Therapy

Personal challenges including:


  • Depression​

  • Anxiety

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Adjustment to Change

  • Relationship Dilemmas

  • Adult ADD/HD

  • Bi-Polar II

Couples & Family Therapy

Assisting relationships with:


  • Relationship Dynamics

  • Power Struggles

  • Communication Difficulties

  • Grief and Loss

  • Re-organisation of Families

  • Work/Life Balance

Child & Family Mediation

Facilitating divorce and separation conflict, including:


  • Cost Effective Dispute Resolution

  • Compliance with the Children's Act

  • Meeting Legal Requirements

  • Sharing Rights and Responsibilities

  • Maintenance Disputes

  • Developing Communication Strategies

  • Residency Plan 

  • Sustainable Agreements

Child Assessment & Therapy

IQ profiling, scholastic screening and emotional assessment for:


  • Specific learning difficulties or differences

  • Academic strengths and weaknesses

  • Highlighting underlying emotional issues

  • ADD / ADHD / Asperger's Syndrome

  • Children adjusting to change

  • Low self esteem and anxiety in children

  • Developing EQ

  • and others ...

Online Consults

Therapy via telephone or Skype is becoming more and more popular because it makes counselling/therapy accessible for busy people.


Telephone consultation may be useful to you if:

  • You are very busy and the time required to get to and from therapy plus the time of the actual session makes the time requirement for therapy unfeasible

  • You don't want to be questioned about leaving your office or home to go to therapy 

  • You are an ex-pat or living in a foreign country

  • You have mobility or transport issues

  • You are already in therapy and would like to keep consistency in your sessions despite travel requirements interrupting the process

You may start with online sessions immediately or opt to have the first session as a face to face consult and thereafter online or telephonic consults may follow. Online consults are set up as per the same procedure as face to face consults. A time slot is agreed upon by both parties. You then call through at the set time

Booking a Consult

Contact us now via telephone or email to book a consult. Our friendly staff will agree a convenient time-slot with you:

In order for you to get the most benefit from your first session we recommend that you read the following informative introduction to psychotherapy:

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Foundation Workshop

Date: 20 July 2019

Venue: Salt Rock

Insight Projects will be running the next Foundation Workshop
on the 20th of July in Salt Rock. 


If you are part of the AHPCSA 
you will be pleased to know that the courses are 
CPD accredited.

Wisdom of the Children Workshop

Date: 17 August 2019

Venue: Salt Rock

Insight Projects will be running the next Wisdom of Children Workshop Series
on the 17th of August.


If you are part of the AHPCSA 
you will be pleased to know that the courses are 
CPD accredited.

Professional Profile

Solution Focused Psychotherapy,

Jungian Based Approach,

Narrative Techniques,

Transpersonal Psychology,

Mindfulness Based Approaches,

Transactional Analysis,


Lauren Calder​

M.A. (Couns.Psych); H.B.A. (Psych); B.A.
BHF Registered: PR 0189332
HPCSA Registered: PS0091685


CERT III: (A.T.I.A.: Australian Transpersonal Institute of Australia)

Lauren Calder has been practising as a psychologist since 2005.  She is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF). She is trained as a Child & Family Mediator and has completed a specialisation in Transpersonal Psychology.  Lauren has a well established private practice in KZN and consults to various organisations as a lecturer, trainer and consultant.

Lauren has had a lifelong interest in the psychology of finding meaning in living and in how people adjust, face their challenges, cope and live in alignment to their dreams and values. Having learned mindfulness practice at a young age, Lauren also has a strong interest in the application of mindfulness based cognitive therapy to wellness, stress, depression and anxiety.

In addition to her Masters degree in Psychology Lauren has trained with The Australian Transpersonal Institute and Association, where she received a Certificate III in Transpersonal Counselling and Psychotherapy in 2002.  Transpersonal Psychology is the field of psychology which integrates psychological concepts, theories, and methods with the search for purpose and meaning in living.


According to Lauren, most individuals arrive for therapy at a time when they are experiencing a “crises in meaning”, “crises in ego” or "crises in relationship". This is a call to action. This can be the case, whether the struggles is to do with a relationship, depression, anxiety or adjustment to change.  Either way the person has a desire to find resolution or relief.  This, she says, is a necessary process in the path toward psychological maturity, humility and self-acceptance. Therapy facilitates this process.

Lauren has developed a programme called “The Mindful Way to Manage a Stressful Life” which she runs in group format.  The programme aims to present mindfulness psychology in a straight forward manner and provides participants with an accessible introduction to meditation practice for stress management.  The workshop addresses the non useful patterns of thinking that people often use to tackle emotional dilemmas and transposes this with the mindfulness approach and the process of creating acceptance.

Lauren works largely with couples in her practice.  She says that most couples arrive for therapy, very clear that the other person is to blame for whatever is not working in the relationship.  As therapy progresses, this is usually re-understood to represent a dynamic that is being triggered by both parties.  In this way couples can facilitate each other in their personal growth rather than working against each other.

Lauren has an interest in family systems. This is often directly related to conflict resolution.  She has trained in Child and Family Mediation and advocates the relevance of mediation as a requirement in any relationship separation where a child is involved.  In the aftermath of a separation, mediation assists families to re-organise themselves and to develop parenting and residency plans that best preserves the integrity of the family and preserves the best interests of the child/children in the family undergoing change.

Lauren’s practice also includes assessment of learning and emotional development in children.  Much of this work is to do with assessing concerns that present in the school environment.  Conclusions and recommendations of any assessment intervention are approached from a holistic perspective with regard for the family member as part of a broad system of influences and possibilities.  In her work with children she is mostly interested in mindful parenting, fostering the development of emotional resiliency in children and the diagnosis or misdiagnosis of ADD/ADHD. She conducts talks and seminars at various schools, on these topics.

Lauren's current passion project is called INSIGHT PROJECTS, which she founded in 2017. This is an organisation that offers interactive enneagram personality workshops that help individuals to identify their and others' healthy and unhealthy ego patterns. These patterns play themselves out in relationships, coping patterns, stress spirals and personal growth. Lauren presents these workshops privately and to corporate groups and schools.


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