Mindfulness Workshops

"The Mindful process is not one in which we necessarily arrive at a state of bliss,

but rather,

where we meet ourselves,

just exactly as we are,

perfect in our necessary imperfection."

"There is a thought, a recurrent fantasy perhaps, that the purpose of life is to achieve happiness...Who does not long to arrive some distant day at that sunlit meadow where, untroubled, where we may rest easy, abide awhile, and be happy?But nature, or fate, or the gods, have another thought which keeps interrupting the fantasy..." Hollis


No therapy or INTERVENTION can prevent unpleasant things from happening in our daily lives. The distress created is often a result of a reaction to what is happening and not by what is actually happening.

Research(*) has shown that a combination of meditation and cognitive therapy (MBCT) can help in relieving stress, anxiety and depression.
*University of Massachusetts Medical Center – National Institute of Clinical Excellence​

Responding instead of reacting to stress allows for the possibility of working more wisely with thoughts and feelings, as they emerge...

What is covered:

Part A:   The Psychology of Mindfulness Practice
            Mindfulness Practices to cope with stress
Part B:   The Mindful Approach to Thoughts and Feelings
            Resistance & Reaction: Cultivating Acceptance with Mindfulness Practice


Further Information:

Medical Aid Claimable depending on your medical aid scheme – Booking essential

The Programme runs over 2 half days or one full Saturday
Limited amount of Grants available on Application
Venue: Ballito
Depending on the number of participants, workshop times may be adjusted to suit the needs of the group.​


Comments from previous participants:

"Fantastic. Thought provoking.The course assisted me in reflecting on my thought patterns and was enlightening for the same reasons." (Hannelorez, 2009)

"Engaging, enlightening. I have opened my mind to new concepts which have helped me to let go of the old ideas and concepts I thought were true, but were not good for me." (Anonymous, 2010)


“The course showed me that Mindfulness is not some lofty ideal reserved for the perfect person in the perfect life, but about being real, and being me, and being OK with that!” (Anonymous, 2011)


"Thanks for a great course. The theory and practical exercises complimented each other. The content was relevant and practical. A safe and open space." (Schoultz, 2009)